We learn a lot about relationships and life in general from every couple we meet. It’s a very humbling experience to see how two different souls come together in this beautiful bond known as marriage. We realise that the most important thing definitely is your belief that God knows what’s right for you. Here is yet another beautiful story by our Gorgeous bride, Natasha that confirms our faith in Him even more.

Our relationship has not just been ‘2 States’, but ‘2 Countries”
Sham and I have crossed each others paths since we were children. The only difference being, we never spoke to each other or actually saw each other face to face. We come from the same city “Bombay”  and infact the same Church and the same community. The best part is that, even without talking to each other, Sham still remembers what I used to wear while I was 11 years old, or even how I tied my hair while I was 12. Sham is surprised when it comes to me, as he does not know, as to why he still remembers the oldest memory or the childhood stories! The house visits for things related to the Church, the meetings conducted by the Church and the conversations related to the Church, all had one message. And it was this “This is God’s plan for us to be together, and let His will be done”
Even without we knowing what’s the connection between all this; Our parents decided to take the lead and gave this relationship a name. It was 4 years ago when we got engaged with God’s abundant blessings and exchanged the vows on 4th of May, 2014. It’s been a precious relationship and we will continue treasuring it.
It’s the best feeling, when you realize, that the person who you desire and want is the same that your parents desire for you and is going to be with you as a Wife, a soulmate for the rest of your life!
P.S. – Until we never knew each other, we saw each other everyday, since we started knowing each other, we were parted by distance and have always lived in 2 different countries all this time. All we can say is, Love has bought us closer to each other every single day. More closer than yesterday and will bring us even more closer for tomorrow

Thanks for everything, Ketan & Manasvi.
We will treasure these candid moments for the rest of our lives.

Thank you Natasha & Sham for letting us be a part of your Wedding. We wish you both all the very best in life!

Bridal Hair & Make up: Kavita Das