We are super excited to be sharing our very first beautiful story with you. We shot Neha & Ashish’s wedding last summer and we have Neha, sharing her journey towards marriage with us. It’s one of those that will make you smile. It definitely made us.

I met Ashish 7 years ago. I got to know him through a common friend and this friend of ours decided to play the cupid and thought that we would be a perfect match. Quite frankly i don’t know what made him think so. Ashish is a very quite guy, doesn’t talk much and I’m a complete chatter box. His ideal holiday is to just sit by the beach the whole day while i would want to go and sky dive! But however this friend thought we were soul mates. Yes i know he’s silly! But 7 years down the lane it turns out that we truly are soul mates.

I still recall our very first and a very brief meet – like literally for 4 minutes. I was so scared and nervous. I was never a shy or a reserved person but there was something about him that gave me goosebumps.  That was when i realised that he is different. He means something very special to me.  

Our courtship period too was not an ordinary one. Neither of us liked sitting at the local cafe for hours. We would go on these long long drives.  Many a times as far as Lonavala, Lavasa and once – Pune!! Sitting besides him while he drove the car became one of my favourite things to do. We would stop at these small stalls for some cutting chai and wada pav! Sometimes the drives would be a hell packed ride with dancing and hogging down astonishing amount of food. And sometimes just some slow music playing and no words. And to tell you the truth – there was no place for any words in those moments.

Years after, while watching a sunset on the beach came the proposal! Here’s the exact transcript (can’t blame me for remembering every word of it. After all I’m a woman and we just don’t forget these things!)

Neha – i wish there was frappe in my hands right now.  We should have stopped on the way to buy one.

Ashish – but then we would have missed this sunset.

Neha – Yeah! But I’m craving for a frappe.

Ashish – (silence. Keeps staring at me)

Neha  – You know what;  I’m going to learn to make a frappe at home.

Ashish – (still silent)

Neha – Rather you should learn to make it and get me one everytime we meet.

Ashish (smiles)

Neha – What do you think are the ingredients? There’s milk obviously. Maybe ice cream and …..

Ashish – will you marry me?

The marriage proposal was not a grand one. But it had all the makings of one. My exceptionally stunned face, the unmatchable joy, the never ending tears, followed by the tightest hug ever – and finally – happiness – when the realisation seeped in – that i am going to spend the rest of my life with this incredible man.

My journey of 7 years with him has been such an adventurous one. So many ups and quite a few downs. But he has been the constant in my life. They say love wears off – but i guess what i share with him is beyond love. And if anything it only grows further!

Moving onto some of our favourite images from their wedding. :)