If you don’t believe in Destiny, maybe you will after reading this lovely short story. It’s true that when things are meant to be, everything falls into place at the right time. We shot Shivani & Shreyans’ Wedding in Jaipur last year. They both are wonderful people and completely in love with each other which made it a lot easier for us to capture them together. We present to you, our gorgeous bride, Shivani who will now share her journey with Shreyans till marriage with us.

Meeting and marrying Shreyans was planned by destiny. I met him in Grade 4 the first time.  He was amongst the most naughty kids in class whereas I was new to school. We weren’t friends at first but competitors. We both wanted to participate in the same competition and win it respectively. Soon we were in different classes but we both always kept an eye on each other. Finally in the 11th Grade, we were again in the same class where he asked me out. And like any other girl of my age, I wanted to think before getting into this as it was the very 1st relationship for both of us. I took my time and tested him here and there to see if he was the right one and each time he would pass with flying colors. After a lot of thinking, I accepted his proposal. We both used to have long conversations about random things and with each passing day, our love and affection for each other grew. Soon we completed school and went to study in Bangalore but in different colleges. And after two years of sheer fun and craziness, Shreyans went to the US to study and from there on we were always in a long distance relationship. It was a long roller coaster till we got married but this ride was more fun than I imagined it to be. We were inseparable despite the distance between us. After 8 years of knowing each other, our parents asked if we were ready to get married as they were aware of our love and adoration. We tied the knot on April 30th, 2013 and since then each day with Shreyans has been full of fun and excitement. He completes me in each way and is always there when I need him. What I really adore about Shreyans is the way he plays the role of a super pampering husband, a supporting friend and the best life partner I always wished for !!!

Looking forward to a lot of years full of fun ,craziness and love !!!

Thank you guys for sharing this! We wish you both all the madness & happiness! :)

Sharing some images from their pre-wedding session.

We love this next frame from their Reception night, which was held at the beautiful Rani Sisodia Palace, Jaipur.